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With three weeks left until graduation, I cant afford to be distracted at all! Cue D, the tall dark sexy man in my dreams who I want to ravish me many different ways while I scream for him not to stop. Also cue dimishing desire to see D in person and desire for a lasting relationship. You know what I said.




This happens always and I cannot understand why i am yet and still surprised by it. Just as his walls break down, I dont want just a quick fuck anymore. And can almost guarentee that he wont just show up here to "hang out." He's gonna want some vagina and i want to give it to him.


But I want dick consistantly not just for a weekend as I fit it into my busy schedule and then it disappears to corners of the earth never to be seen again.


I want a dick I can call my own. Is that too much to ask?


I offered him the chance to win my heart and he turned it down. I know that he isnt looking for a relationship and thats cool. but dammit what do i do now??? Any suggestions???

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