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I can't believe the coversation I just had with Bill. For those of you who do not know, Bill is Toni's husband. They have been married almost 5 years. She is like a sister to me. If sister asked me for something, I would do it. No matter what it is. This does not apply to her husband.


So you can imagine my surprise when he messaged me to tell me his deepest fantasy "to be ass raped by [me] while he licks his wifes pussy". I was stunned when he told me. I didnt know how to react. He then asked me what would say if he and Toni asked me to fully partcipate. My reply was that she would have to ask me to get me to even consider it and I mean a whole-hearted answer. Looking me in the eye and everything.


From the kind of questions he asked me I could tell he was sexual frustrated. I could also tell that he wanted to please his wife. I wonder how long they are gonna do this. He tells her what he wants, she says ok or I will try. Then he gets frustrated when it doesnt happen right away. She is trying. She really is. She asked me to what she should do about her husband wanting to be dominated month ago. I advised that unless she wanted it, it would happen. Since then, she has been taking steps. Now she wants it. She looks up ideas and products to support her ideas all the time. Like cock rings and foot long dildos. One day he's gonna wake up and the baby will be with a sitter and she'll be standing there with a strap on in one hand a collar in the other that says "worthless whore" on it.


I warned him that his wife can be that woman, he just needs to give it time. But he's tired of waiting and he wants me to "share the expierence and fully participate." I could...if she weren't my very best friend I would do it at the drop of a hat.

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