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For the first time since I broke up with TV, I put on the the red lingerie set i bought for our anniversary. I had been saving it for a man, but I decided to break it out.

When I got home from work yesterday, I had to help my mom pack and finish her presentation before sending her off to a leadership conference. I had already decided to play with make up and do my nails, but everything else was spur of the moment. The color on my nails is very vampy and reminds me of the 1920s. It looks like fresh blood. After I gave myself a manicure, I went in the bathroom to find a good way to wear my new red lipstick without it looking crazy.

The lipstick that I have is Midnight Red by Mary Kay. Its two shades darker than Red. It looks great without lipgloss. Gives me that '20s feel. I chose a dark sheer purple lipgloss with glitter in it. It came in a limited edition jewel tone pack by Stila at Sephora. It was perfect. It made my lips look full and red and delicious. They looked so good I suddenly wanted to give head. I applied black pencil eyeliner and put on my red lingerie set.

When I looked in the mirror, I made myself wet. But I was hungry, so i went and made dinner. The night ended with me taking very sexy pictures of myself and making myself cum super hard. The sound of me cumming and creaming all over my finger was left on D's voicemail. Its supposed to translate to "I miss you and need you deep inside me. Come find me and fuck me until I pass out." You think he'll get that?

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