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The Letter
blood/love market
Dear outofstyle_t,

I hope this message finds you wet. Do you ever wonder what would happen if we shared a workspace. If there was more than one slut in your office and you ALWAYS had someone to play with? Someone you could share your stories with, and get wet with? Imagine for a second that person is me. That we always share our stories, but we have never touched beyond a hug. Imagine that there is an electricity between us that we should do something about.

We share an office. We sit back to back. I can see everything you do. You can see everything I do. All we have to do is turn around. This small little office we share is temporary. Not to worry. You'll be back in your own office soon and you can play with your pussy in peace. But for now, its just me and you. Just because you share a workspace now doesn't mean anything changes. We still dress the same. Me with my tight, low cut tops, you with your short skirts. Both in hose and pumps as always. You love the hear the sound the nylon makes when I rub my legs together.

Click, click, the keys of my keyboard go. Then a sigh. The mouse clicks, seconds pass, then the sharp intake of breath. The keys click again, click, click, click. You stand up and go to the copier. When you return, I'm biting my lip, staring at my screen. Before you sit down behind me you glance at my screen. Its just a jumble of words, but a few words and phrases pop out at you like "pussy", "throbbing", "dripping wet" and "cock".

It is clear what I am doing, but you decide to tease me anyway. You take note of how my breasts move as my breath catches. You pull up your messenger and send me a message.

"What are you reading?"

"A story," is my reply.

"about what?"


"care to share?"

"ok" I send you the link. How wet do you get knowing that I can feel the heat from your back on my back? That all we have to do is turn around to be face to face?

You read the story. It's not long. But it is intense about a woman who makes her subordinates fuck her during her lunch break and eat her pussy during board meetings. Ideas from the story pop into your head, like how she had a sexy young intern lick her click while she was video conferencing with an important client. You get so wet you think about taking off your panties, but then you remember how pussy juice stains on black. Instead you send me a message.


"I know."

"Do you have any idea what stories like that can do you?"





"takes one to know one"

No response. You can't think of anything to say, so you get back to work.

A message pops on to your screen. "Do you have anything to share?"

"Only if you promise to call me a slut if you like it," You reply.


"My pussy is soaked."


"you like. you know it. plus it takes one to know one."

"yes. true. and true."

"so what are we gonna do about?"

"Go home and fuck our men then come back and talk about it."

"Or you could eat my pussy."

"or you could eat mine. actually. I don't like mine eaten. I'd rather be fingered."


"yeah. It's just one of those things that gets me."

There is long pause while you think about it. What are you thinking? Are you wet yet? Are your juices staining your chair and running down your leg.
You get up and go to the bathroom abruptly. The thoughts are too much for you and you need desperately to plunge your fingers into your pussy and cum all over them. That bathroom is empty as you settle against the wall in the last stall and put your foot on the toilet. Your fingers circle your clit just before sinking into your dripping wet hole. You don't hear the bathroom door open, nor do you hear it lock. You do hear the knock.

"Are you ok?" I ask.

"Uh huh." Is all you get out, as you are still knuckle deep in your pussy.

"Are you sure?"

"uh huh." You think about it for a sec and unlock the door to the stall.

I open the door. Your nylons are in the corner, panties around one ankle and your fingers are soaked in your juices. I take your fingers and suck them. I can almost smell you getting wetter.

"Lick me," you say.

"only if you lick me back." I kneel in front of you and bury my face in your wet snatch. I am careful to lick every area. I kiss your netherlips as I would the lips on your face. I am a very good kisser. When I finally take your clit between my lips and thrust two of my fingers inside you, you cum all over my face. My lips and tongue are coated in your juices as you convulse around my fingers and lips.

Have you cum yet?

You pull me up and kiss me hard on the lips, tasting yourself. "My turn," you smile down at me. I sit on the edge of the counter and open my legs. Thigh high sheers and a garter belt is all I wear under my skirt today. The first thing you do is taste my clit which sends me reeling. Then you lick my slit which is already soaking wet. I grab your hair and grind against your face.

You pull back and plunge your finger in my tight cunt. "Slut," you whisper as I try not to scream. You stand so you can kiss me while I ride your hand. You manage to fit another finger into my tight cunt. Your tongue swirls and thrusts in my mouth as your fingers swirl and thrust inside me. The taste of my flavor on your tongue makes me cum super hard on your hand.

"More?" you ask.

"Maybe," I giggle. "But I'm insatiable that way."

We quickly get dressed and return to the office and work diligently and quietly as if nothing happened, even though we both smell like sex. As everyone starts to go home we move slowly into our boss' office.

You sit in his chair. "Bring me your pussy," You say. I do as I am told, since you are technically my boss. I lay down on the desk in front of you and put my legs on your shoulders, you go back to licking me and fingering me. I cum and scream and cum some more. An hour later, you are straddling my face, thrusting your pussy into my mouth.

I lick your clit hard, making you cum on my chin. My fingers don't stop their assault on your hole. They keep plunging inside of you making you cum over and over again. Then the door opens.

Who could that be? Didn't everybody go home? Check back later for my next letter.

- countessjade


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